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Monday  Friday  1 - 9pm

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - 4p - 7p (Sorry, No Ball Drilling)

Pro Shop will be open Saturday May 21st for the Indiana Middle School State Finals at 9:30 am .

Triple Crown Pro Shop Customers:

Motiv Update:

Motiv has announced that they are going to start a return process, while they are still fighting with USBC. They have not given up completely all hope of getting USBC to overturn their decision. For any bowler who wants a new replacement ball NOW, Motiv has their return plan on their website They will pick an existing ball from the current line (Primal Rage Remix or Revolt Havoc are probably the best replacement choices).  Should a bowler return their Jackal for another ball, and then USBC changes their mind and reinstates it, they do NOT GET their Jackal back.  If a bowler wants to wait until they come out with a new ball to replace the Jackal’s with, it will be this summer before it is available. Either way it is up to the customer.

Click on upper right hand corner on link called exchange.

Fill out form and submit photo of serial number.

If anyone needs help, please contact us at the pro shop.


Spring Sale is going on NOW!  Great Deals on EVERYTHING.


Out of town bowlers are encouraged to call ahead before driving to the pro shop, to check for Tom’s availability, equipment availability, and lane availability.

Please bring your current equipment with you, as Tom may want to watch you bowl before drilling up your new ball.


Check out the new Detox Machine  & Ball surface scanner...Get your ball back to like new condition!



Tom Taylor
Pro Shop Operator

Phone: (765) 477-6525
Toll Free: (800) 710-SPLIT [7754]
E-mail: Triple Crown Pro Shop

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Over 20 years experience

Specializing in dual angle
and double thumb layouts.
If you are a competitive or leisure bowler, Triple Crown has all the equipment and services you need for your bowling enjoyment in one stop shopping!

¤ Balls ¤ Shoes ¤ Bags ¤ Apparel ¤ Gloves ¤ Ball Maintenance
Stop in and see Tom and his crew the next time you visit Arrowhead Bowl!