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$1.75 per game, per person Based on lane availability
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Ball Maintenance

This is our resident Pro Tom Taylor at work in the shop. Being a full service repair / maintenance shop, Tom can take care of your equipment needs.

Pro Shop Labor Prices

Carry in Ball Drilling:
¤ Conventional Grip $20.00 (non performance)
¤ Finger Tip Grip $25.00 (non performance)
¤ Drilling Performance balls $40 to $60 (depending on layout)

Ball Plugging:
¤ Finger holes $15.00
¤ Thumb Hole $14.00
¤ Plug all three $27.00 (when done at same time) $30.00 including balance hole (please allow 1-2 day's turnaround for ball plugging)

Other services:
¤ Ball Resurfacing $15-$30 (Depending on ball condition) (can be done same day)
¤ Hook again Oil Removal $16.00 (does not include any surface adjustments) (48 hrs.)

¤ Finger Grips $10.50 per pair
¤ Thumb Slugs $13.50 each
¤ Interchangeable Thumb Inserts:
¤ Grip Loc Slug $13.99 Grip Loc Outer Sleeve $12.99
¤ Turbo Switch Grip: $12.99 Outer Sleeve / $12.99 Inner sleeve

All Bowling Balls Purchased here include drilling (grips extra)