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The goal is to keep “EXPRESS” in Cosmic Express

1. Only persons with an e-ticket will be allowed to enter at the Cosmic Express Entrance. The e-purchasing program will not charge your credit card without your knowledge.

2. You haven’t purchased e-tickets until you see the screen that displays your tickets. If you get to that screen and your printer “dies”, no problem… you will be allowed in with a picture ID.

3. We consider each transaction individually. If members of your party buy tickets in different transactions please use the “Special Instructions” box on the “check-out page” to let us know which people should be placed together.

4. We reserve the right to add people to your lane. Each lane accommodates up to six.

5. Cosmic Express Ticket online sales close at 9:30pm each Saturday.

6. Please follow the instructions regarding “Cookies.” You will not be able to purchase e-tickets unless your computer accepts cookies.

7. Cosmic Express lane reservations will be held until 11pm. After 11pm we will make your space available to those in line.

8. If you have any questions please e-mail us or call (765) 477-6500.

Thank you for making “Cosmic Express” a HUGE success!

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